The Reeds: Donna, Pat, Jill and Mike, at the Denver Reunion, 2010.
The Reeds: Donna, Pat, Jill and Mike, at the Denver Reunion, 2010.

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Scott Kocijan-Weinstein
Married 2
In a busy life its nice to stop and remember back 30 plus years and see its not all just a moment in time but an essential part of our being. PEACE Send Scott a MessageSend Scott a Message
Karen Elkins (Leonard)
October 26, 1957 3 The music in the student lounge, riding the
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Glenda Higgins (Levendowski (Higgins))
July 27, 1956 Married 1
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Karen Gardea (Levine)
May 05, 1958 substitute teacher Married 2 It has to be the student lounge for lunch and loud music. Can't forget the AYA. Those were some of the happiest memmories ever!!!!
I am so happy to be able to view this website.  It takes me back to a place and time in life that I loved soooo much.  I didn't realize then, how lucky we all were to be a part of it. It is great to see names and faces from the past and know they are doing well.  I am sad for the people that are no longer with us. 
I hope to one day go to my first reunion.  Time doesn't stand still so I better make it soon. 

I attended Molesworth Elementary in 1970 and Molesworth Jr. High for 7th and part of 8th grade in 1971 and 1972.  Our next assignment was Aviano Italy for 1 1/2 years.  Then to Homestead AFB in Florida.  We were stationed there 1 1/2 years and then my dad retired in Plantation Florida.  I have lived in Florida since I was 16 years old.  I know live in Boca Raton Florida with my husband Bob and our two sons Christopher and Michael.  Christopher is 25 and graduated from UCF in Central Florida about 2 years ago.  Michael is almost 22 and wants to join the Air Force. He went to college for 1 year but decided he wanted to make a change.

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Jeffrey Lillquist
Have my own business/sales Married 1
Married for 28 years...Wife's name is Rosemarie and sons name is Nicholas Look forward to my first Alconbury Reunion.... Send Jeffrey a MessageSend Jeffrey a Message
Mike Lindsey
October 24, 1957 Retired and farming Divorced 2 Great camaraderie, great friends, great teachers, the student store and making out behind the school with...damn, what was the names of those 2 sisters
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Tammy Farmer (MacDonald)
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December 22, 1959 Elementary Principal Married 3 Fun times in Peterborough and Camp Mohawk
We were stationed at Alconbury from 69-73. Lived on Mountbatten Way and the bus rides to Alconbury and Molesworth were memorable. Send Tammy a MessageSend Tammy a Message
Donna Malcolm
registered nurse Divorced
I attended Molesworth and Lakenheath from 1971 until 1974 and have some very fond memories. We moved to March AFB in California after we left England and I joined the Air Force for 4 years. Recently I am a practicing travel nurse and have traveled and worked all over the US. My favorite so far has been Alaska. I have been to a few of these reunions and they are always a blast. Hope to see many of you during the next one. Send Donna a MessageSend Donna a Message
Scott Malcolm
July 02, 1959 Retired Married 1
Retired for several years now and waiting for my wife of 27 years Valerie to retire so we can start our next adventure traveling the country in our motor home.  Been living in West Palm Beach, Florida since 81, but will be moving to our home in Livingston, Tennessee within the year (2016).  A more central location for our RV excursions.  I have been to most of the reunions including the last one in NOLA. My wife and I plan to be at the next one in NY.  Hope to see some of my friends from England and the past reunions  Sharon Ellis, Gary Phillips, Kim, Scott,Sean, Terri and Turk Dumas, John Johnston, Mike and Pat Reed and Steve Kennedy, Sheri Wolf, Anita And John Lanning, Mark Parker and Wendall Campbell and to many more to remember.  If you haven't been to a reunion yet, you owe it to yourself to be at the next one.  You will be amazed at how welcome you will feel by everyone.  Hope to see you all in the Big Apples  Send Scott a MessageSend Scott a Message
Brenda Willhite (Mallard)
Profile picture
Profile picture
semi-retired, accounting tax specialist Married 3
I'm excited about your site! Still waiting to find more of the friends I hung around with in school. Married for most of my life now, our 3 kids have multiplied and provided us with 8 grandchildren (7 of which are little girls!) Husband is a farm manager and I still do a little work from home. Send Brenda a MessageSend Brenda a Message
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