The Reeds: Donna, Pat, Jill and Mike, at the Denver Reunion, 2010.
The Reeds: Donna, Pat, Jill and Mike, at the Denver Reunion, 2010.

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Michael Stevens
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May 03, 1957 Regulations Specialist-US Dept of Transportation (and USAF-retired) Married 1
I retired after 22 years in the Air Force. My home is in Northern Virginia. I work for the US Department of Transportation in DC as a technical writer and hazardous materials specialist.

The 2007 reunion in Williamsburg was incredible! My wife Lisa & I look forward to seeing everyone again in 2010! 

We recently made a trip back to RAF Molesworth/Alconbury (March 2008) and photos will be downloaded soon! 
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Roheima Wood (Stringer)
August 20, 1960 Accountant Married 3 Hanging out with friends at the AYA and the dances.

My sister (Karen) and brother (Ricci) were in Alconbury from 1970 - 1975.  Karen and I attended Molesworth Jr High.  In 75 we returned to Hanscom AFB in MA. My Dad retired from there and we graduated from High school in NC.  I now live in MI with my husband of 30+ years.  We lived in Yaxley and Huntington.  Those long bus trips to school were great.  Visit my LinkedIn profile

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Kim harris (Testa)
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July 29, 1958 International Communications Married 1 First loves, first buzz, first of a lot of things!! ;-)
I was at Molesworth Junior High School from 1970 - 1973. My brother Ken Harris and I were always shocked that kids actually were allowed to smoke in Junior High School. We sure grew up fast during that time. But, they were the best memories and the best friends anyone could every have. The AYA, sports, cheerleading, dancing and the great music of that time will always be a part of my heart and soul. I hope to see my wonderful friends in Denver... Send Kim a MessageSend Kim a Message
Cheryl Trent (Tobler)
February 13, 1956 Girl Friday Married 2
We were in England '68 to '71.  We moved to Arizona after England, where my dad retired, and I have been living here ever since.  I travelled to England with my mother in 1990, which was heaven and hell.  Revisiting old sites was heaven, being with my mother for three weeks was torture!!  LOL.  My husband and I returned in 2001 and tried revisiting Alconbury but were turned away.  Everything was so different from what I remembered.  I have attended all but one, maybe two, of the reunions, and have had a great time at each one.  I really appreciate Kim's hard work in organizing all the reunions - thank you Kim!
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Larry Towning
November 15, 1956 Married 3 Camp Mohawk!
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Anne Scarbrough (Trostel)
Special Education Teacher Divorced 2
After leaving Alconbury in 1973, my dad retired in Montgomery,Ala. I completed high school and went to Auburn University along with Peggy Rankin. I graduated with a BS in 1980. I went back in 1985 and completed a Master's in Ed. After my masters, I moved to Jacksonville, Fl. where a met my now ex hubby. I have two daughters ages 16 and 12. I am still teaching special education at the high school level and love it. I have great memories of Alconbury. Send Anne a MessageSend Anne a Message
Donna Phillips (Turner)
January 06, 1960 Retired Married 1 Friday nights at the AYA, walking tour of Wales, summers in Scotland, friends for life.
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Debra D. Mayberry (Umbrell)
January 04, 1955 retired Divorced 2 Getting drunk on grad night,LOL. 1973
This has been a trip to see alot of names from the past.From Molesworth & Lakenheath, class of 73. If you remember me,look me up! I'm looking for Sally Norton, Cinda Hoover & Deb Mcbrian. This site is great!
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Kathy Ehlert (Velasquez)
December 30, 1957 Administrative Assistant in Distance Learning Married 2
We lived in England from 1970-1974.  After leaving England we went to Altus, Ok and then to Fort Worth, TX.

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Dennis Wagoner
November 12, 1953 Retired NAVY Married 1 Hanging out at the AYA. Going to London
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