Jill and Mike Reed with Kim Morgan, 5th Alconbury Reunion, West Palm Beach, FL, 2001.
Jill and Mike Reed with Kim Morgan, 5th Alconbury Reunion, West Palm Beach, FL, 2001.
Dear Fellow Alconburians:

Here is the latest news on the Mini England Reunion and the 10th Alconbury Reunion in 2020.


The Mini England reunion, June 6-13, 2019, still has two to four rooms available, if anyone is interested in attending. It's not too late to book your spot! Contact Sheri Morgan-Agnew at sheriagnew@winterskiandsport.com and be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime reunion. 

The England Reunion schedule is as follows:

June 6-13, 2019. 

June 6-8:     London
June 8-11    Huntingdon
June 11-13  Cantebury

Attendees can return to the U.S. from either Cantebury or London, and some have decided to extend their trip for independent travel in Great Britain or Europe. Sheri's travel agency can help with airfares, additional accommodations, travel insurance, and other details if needed.

So far, those attending include:

Sheri (Morgan) and Michael Agnew
Scott (Kocijan) and Tobi Weinstein
Kevin and Laura Morgan
Chris (Taylor) and Jeffrey Nettesheim
Kim (Filmore) and Jon Cornish and family
Carolyn (McGrew) and Leigh Murphy
Scott and Valerie Malcolm
Darius Shaw
Travis Paxton
Steven and Carol Imburgia, and grandson
Lori Johnson
Mary Bone
Kim (Morgan), Frank and Sydney Biganski


The next Alconbury Reunion -- our 10th since 1985 -- will be in Dallas in 2020, the place where it all began! So far, August and October are tied as the top two locations. Please vote on the Poll Page for your preferred month.

Also, don't forget to upload your New York reunion photos, other reunion photos, mini reunions with Alconbury friends, and old photos from our time in England to the photo albums on this site. In addition, sign up on the Alconbury Reunion page on Facebook.

Stay tuned for future details on the 2020 reunion!

Until next time,

Kim Morgan
Alconbury Reunion Chairperson
cell: 757.303.2497